Separation and Extraction

AOX Sample Preparation Series – Get to know perfectly harmonized concepts of sample preparation and analysis! Remain flexible and cost-effective with a systems that greatly minimize idle time and increases the throughput of AOX samples.

Optimum adaptation to your application and throughput demands – semi-automated up to fully-automated workflows

Unique efficiency by harmonized sample prep and combustion systems – allows for up to 112 samples per day

Maximized efficiency – preparation of up to 6 samples simultaneously

Standard compliant operation

Versatile application tasks – AOF, AOX-SPE, AOX batch and column method, one, two and three-column methods

Wide portfolio of AOX and AOF columns and activated carbon – prefilled disposable columns and re-usable quartz columns

Application flexibility – easy adaptation to other AOX analyzers
– Comfortable, easy operation by integrated control – no extra PC required

PQ LC Series – PQ LC is a series of modular chromatography systems for the separation of element species using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The PQ LC series is available as a compact routine LC system for limited laboratory space or as a fully equipped LC model with various upgrade options such as temperature control for the sample injector, column oven or UV/Vis detector.

Simultaneous identification of major and trace species thanks to outstanding sensitivity and a wide linear operation range of the PlasmaQuant MS

High sample throughput and minimum downtime thanks to short warm-up and analysis times, flexible automation and connection of upgrade modules, as well as low maintenance requirements

Simple handling and smooth workflows thanks to intuitive handling, fast change of applications, interactive and user-friendly software interface, as well as automatic safety check
– Flexible configuration and individual adaptation to your needs thanks to various upgrade modules, and flexible automation with variable vial racks and adaptors for microtiter plates

Hydride Systems – Cold Vapor Technology to Determine Mercury and Hydride Forming Elements

  • Flow and batch mode for high throughput and low detection limits
  • Amalgamation module for the best detection limits in mercury testing
  • Color-coded tubing connections for simple, unambiguous replacement of consumables
  • Optimized gas-liquid paths and dedicated material selection to reduce contamination and memory-effects
  • Intelligent valve control for short measurement and rinsing times