ScanDrop2The ScanDrop2 from Analytik Jena is the second generation of microvolume spectrophotometers, combining flexibility and reliability with innovative technology and modern design all in a single device. As a flexible, easy-to-use platform for measuring small sample volumes starting from 0,3 µL, the ScanDrop2 and its amenable walkaway measuring principle allow users variable scalability in samples either individually or in a series up to 32 sample positions.


  • Precise – UV/Vis absorption measurements between 190 nm to 1000 nm with optimized resolution
  • Powerful – Acquisition of a spectrum within 1.6 s at a high resolution of ≥ 1.5, leveraging fast results
  • Long-lasting – Highly precise optical system combined with a powerful xenon flash lamp
  • Simple – Easy handling just pipette the sample and take your measurement
  • Intelligent – Rotating mechanism opens instrument for optimum access and view of the 10” tablet PC
  • Comfortable – 2D scanning area adaptable to different center heights
  • Versatile – Interchangeable adapters prevent contact between samples and the optical system
  • Compatible – Interchangeable adapters available for microliter measurement cells and standard cuvettes
  • Practical – Walk-away principle applies to everything from individual samples to simple series of samples
  • Reliable – Entirely eliminates evaporation, cross-contamination and sample carryover effects

SPECORD PLUS Series – The SPECORD PLUS series is characterized by high-end technology for precise UV/Vis spectroscopic measurements and reliable results. The extended wavelength range in the UV range and in the NIR region from 185 to 1200 nm in combination with the various accessories for liquid, gaseous, powderous and solid samples ensures the UV/Vis spectroscopic analysis of a variety of molecules and compounds. The windows-based software is designed both for beginners as well as experts in UV/Vis spectroscopy and supports working according to the latest pharmacopoeia regulations and in highly regulated industries.

  • 10 year warranty on optics
  • Enlarged wavelength range
  • Additional position for turbid samples
  • Tool-free exchange of accessories and lamps